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Diurnally Yours, Nocturnally Yours

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[Feb. 7th, 2005|03:15 am]
Diurnally Yours, Nocturnally Yours
berbelang: werepheeb?
PheeBConstrictor: wereberb?
berbelang: howl!
berbelang: what is happening ?
PheeBConstrictor: just playing videogames and the such, gonna go get some cereal i think
berbelang: I am so bored today
berbelang: I so wish that I was at home sleeping
berbelang: only 6 hours to go!
berbelang: I mean I am seriously sitting here with absolutely nothing to do for the next six hours
berbelang: the thought of it is driving me bonkers
berbelang: on the tv with no sound are these natives hunting jaguars under the influence of some kind of hallucinogen
berbelang: oops. a monkey
berbelang: they just used a blowdart to shoot a monkey out of a tree
berbelang: closeup on the dead monkeys hand and fingernails
PheeBConstrictor: hahahaha
berbelang: now the jaguar is about to catch himself some baby deer
berbelang: stalking
berbelang: ooo!
berbelang: that deer is FUCKED
PheeBConstrictor: two nights ago they had a special on the news where some gov't official admitted the gov't has known about UFOs for like 15 years, and that people should be more inquisitive
PheeBConstrictor: or so i'm told
PheeBConstrictor: i didn't see it
PheeBConstrictor: but all these guys at a pizza place saw it
PheeBConstrictor: and were like WTF
berbelang: ah fuck, people have been claiming shit like that for years
berbelang: uh oh
berbelang: he found the deer again
berbelang: I forgot to say the deer got away
PheeBConstrictor: well i mean it was someone FROM the gov't admitting
berbelang: yeah, but he may be writing a book or something
berbelang: there are always angles
PheeBConstrictor: true
berbelang: what better way to get people to buy your book?
PheeBConstrictor: by forcing them to, with a gigantic mantis shrimp dictator
berbelang: FUCK YEAH!
berbelang: bring that shit ON
PheeBConstrictor: hahaha
PheeBConstrictor: i use weremountain as a name in a lot of places now
PheeBConstrictor: i use it when i play games on xbox live
berbelang: because being a weremountain is kickass - thats why
PheeBConstrictor: yeah seriously
PheeBConstrictor: and people on halo2 (mostly dorks and jocks who love shooting things) are like "WHAT THE FUCK IS we're mountain? that name is so gay!"
PheeBConstrictor: or when someone i know asks me
berbelang: I mean who wants to fuck with a weremountain?
berbelang: if you transformed in front of them they would no longer think it was gay
PheeBConstrictor: no kidding
berbelang: they would worship
PheeBConstrictor: they could wereworship
PheeBConstrictor: i'm gonna start charging a weretithe
berbelang: wow, now the jaguars are humping
berbelang: hehe
PheeBConstrictor: and have a wereinquisition
berbelang: you should
berbelang: all of these things are neccesary
PheeBConstrictor: a werecrusade
PheeBConstrictor: and werepriest/werechild love
berbelang: build a werehenge
PheeBConstrictor: promote a werepope
PheeBConstrictor: hahaha werepope is hilarious
PheeBConstrictor: that makes me want a screen name that is just "werepope"
PheeBConstrictor: weremountain is so badass, I don't get why people don't see it
PheeBConstrictor: no man is an island, but i'm a fucking mountain
PheeBConstrictor: so when I go on vacation and go swimming I'm a tropical island, beat that shit
berbelang: exactly
berbelang: people are jealous probably
PheeBConstrictor: "fuck man, I wish I was a piece of important landscape!"
PheeBConstrictor: who fucks with everest, everest kills people, and I played tennis with everest last week and his game is kinda shabby compared to mine
berbelang: everest is a shrinking mountain with no supernatural powers and is probably unable to deliver pizza by day
PheeBConstrictor: no kidding
PheeBConstrictor: even kilimanjaro is an old lady named olive next to my strapping young lad of a weremountain
berbelang: when glaciers form on you they are but inconvienances to be shaken off in the morning
PheeBConstrictor: so true

From: berbelang
2005-02-16 07:18 pm (UTC)

so the Panthers eh?

Probably just a coincidence. If not I have no idea why with the possible exception of Cheeseberger generally kicking ass.
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